Your Words Matter

Everyone has their own tough life. Depression, anxiety, and mental illness sometimes seems so stupid yet people who suffered has no idea how to overcome with it. A friend of mine keep telling me that he afraid he has an anxiety syndrome. He can get nervous and could not control his mind in sudden. His face become pale, his hands getting cold. He brings Al Quran everywhere he go and read it in case he feel uncomfortable.

From my perspective as nobody, it is important to be honest with ourselves. For example, if we have to cope with something great and heavy, say it. Do not hide it. At least say to ourselves and say it in our prays. In early 2015 I face something I could not imagine I can get rid of it. My world turn 360 degrees (eh, baliklg itumah). I almost change my name (thx God it didnt work). I got insomnia in several nights and I stop listening to music because, you know, some songs lyric felt so true when we sad, and they were torturing me everytime I hear them. I was blessed that I had friends who I can share my problems and thoughts with. Their hugs really made my day. At least they try keep me on track while all I want to do is get depressed. Then I realized that He would not give us things that we can not bear. It means that I am (and you are) strong enough to carry our probs. 

Yes life is full of negativity. And listen to negative people would messed up our life much more. Me always listening to what people say. I admit it. I am a 90 percent introvert (based on internet test which i am not sure whether it is true or not) and it was exhausted to be with people who “dont know” me and treat me lyke…. i was stupid. Yes being so rational and never put your feelings above all is cool. But this time I try to be honest. (Oh-my-silly-personality.) 

So after finishing war with ourselves. It is also necessary to control what should we listen and what should not. People has their own background and charactheristics that shape their opinions and thoughts about us. Which is may not right. They know only a little about what we’ve been through. And the last, do not forget to control our mouth and thumbs. Perhaps we are strong enough to face negative comments and ignore them, but we do not know that our friends might already depressed and every-single-word we say will mean so much for them. 
———menulis ini sehabis sedih karena kepoin chester bennington & mantannya awk


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