My mind, I want it to be as clear
as the deepest and widest ocean
Instead, it is as dirty
as a bay in the most populated city

The water flow through the vein
And scream to every inch of my body
I keep ignoring it, they are as annoying
As the lowest esteem at your head

I try my best to be a sun
I thought I could spread the light
The more I try, the more I bleed
The more I recognize
That I’m just always as dark
As the moon of the neptune

I’m dark, situated in the most black of galaxy
I’m lost, and they keep pulling me into nowhere

I thought I’m not home
But what if the neptune
Is the home that I belong to forever
I used to be here years ago

I thought I already run and reach the sun
But nope, I’m not running that fast
And I’m coming back again
And again and again
To the farthest far of the galaxy

Perhaps I should stop fighting
All the aliens and demons around
Because what if
They’re the most loyal friends
That I only have?