I’ve bunch of free time (beside waiting for scholarship announcement and make plans for bussiness with rifa) which means I have chance to do anything unimportant like scrolling my handphone for ages or hanging out with friends every-single-day. I realized that I have to be discipline and limit myself to do such things. So here are how I tried to be productive and limit myself for staying with my phone for years:

1. Uninstall line and download line lite. Line lite won’t allow you to look at timeline or read Line Today. Sometimes if there’s a notification, they stay silent. So I apologize that I took an age to reply your messages. I do not consider too much to use line lite instead the usual line because ‘important’ people would text me on whatsapp. Positive side of line lite is it allow you to know who read your messages in a group. For instances this is how I sent a message:

After I push the black round, I immadiately know who read my message:

Innnn adddition, line lite has a very friendly size of space unlike the usual-heavy-line.

2. Uninstall instagram (sometimes). I had bad behaviour like stalking instagrams of celebrity or kids or jokes. It takes ages for me to stay on instagram and spend my internet quota there. 

3. Download Duolingo so that you can learn any language. Download Wattpad then you can read whatever books you want. Download Pinterest for new ideas and diys. Download…. hungry shark…….because it was ffffffffun!