Can’t believe 2015 was 2 years ago when it feels like yesterday. Yet those memories I wrote on my journal, I almost forgot, but thx to past-shofia who had intention to write down journal so your future-shofia (2017-shofia, i mean) can remembered it all agaiin. 

When I see words there in my journal like ‘blue’, ‘diving class’, suddenly the memories play in my mind like I back to those moments again. I can also feel the emptiness or happiness occured in those 2015-days. 

It’s not that necessary, really. But…it just to make sure that I had lived in my past. You know sometimes, past, dreams, and imagination become mixed that I cant conclude is it ever really happened or only in my mind. Or is it just me?

Today I am going to move with all of family of course, then I packed my books and found that diary that I havent write for like…2 years?

Well, write down journals or letters to future yourself will be fun and give you mixed feelings, I thought.