It’s always okay.

At most point in life I feel like I am getting lost and uncomfortable with myself. It’s worst. I am totally easily overwhelmed when meet people. I was introvert and this one is much more than that.

Then I just listened a podcast yesterday about the requirement someone should have to get what-so-called succesful, and one of them is: stay strong and stop being sad and giving up.

It sounds cliche and boring but it gave me spirits and soul to continue and cherish the life I had. At least for now.

I picking up spirits by being busy and looking for communities and classes outside office life. I don’t really like shallow connection with people, I am suck at small chat. I’d rather meet new people.

But I don’t hate people. My surroundings are soo kind to me. It’s only me and my mind.

Oh, I can sense pre menstrual syndome mood from this post.


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