I don’t know how to love

All I know about dad
He smartest person alive
He stays all night to think, made products,
analyze books, and arrange all aspects in his business.

Dad has a lot of love stocks for us
He made us his princesses even I dissapoint him most times
He’s our genie that made our dreams
and wants come true in a finger flick
I don’t even know what’s he’s dreams and wants
He never shows it

My mom has the biggest heart
She knows how to deal with her difficult daughters
She feel the slightest emotion we have

Mom take care of everything
She’s a detail person
and her ability to communicate is great
Most people love and adore her
She’s an active woman and do multitasking

I don’t even know the emotions she hide
Are you sad and unhappy, mom?
She never shows it

Mom and dad are our super hero
Dad can do almost anything for us
From taking care a broken window to stalking a guy that close to us
Mom is the never-tired-women I know
She sleep late and wake up at three

All I know are they’re strong
They always healthy and rich and happy and smart
I forget that they’re human
I don’t know if they might sad too
I don’t know that they can be sick too
I don’t know if they’re weak
I don’t know when they’re broken

I don’t know how they need me
As I needed them the most
I was there when they’re strong
But where am I when they’re weak?
I don’t even know when my mom cry all nights
I don’t taking care when my dad sick

God I never know how to deliver my abundant of love for my parents
I don’t want my dad tired and sick
I hate to know that my mom cry too
God, please give them happiness and healthy life
Please wipe their tears
Please give all the best for them
As I don’t know how to love them properly

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