Guided by Earth

I’ll keep swimming just to find you.
Through the seven seas, through the seven continents.
Through thousands fishes and corals.

I have no idea where on earth are you.

Are you in the northern part and being that cold,
or southern part playing with penguins,

I’ll let the Coriolis drive me. Tell me when to turn left or right.

I’ll follow the wind even she mad and turn into storm most times
Wont let ups and downs from tides stop me.
I’ll keep swimming.

I touch the bathymetry sometimes,
just to make sure you’re not down there.

That hot from El Nino burn me
That flood from La Nina drawn me
But I’ll keep swimming even in bloods

One day I take a breath in an outer island of our country
I’ll keep swimming but I just need a break now to think:

Are you staying or keep moving?

In the name of my pride, i’d like to say:
I would not care, I’ll keep swimming

Perhaps this is for you,
or another you

mulai mau posting draft di notes kesini buat rapihin

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