My heart, I thought it was a Banda sea
Stay still and strong–no matter how bad the weather is
Don’t care, if the warm water from La Nina comes in
Won’t affect me, if the Madden Julian Oscillation rushing in
All the injustice, hatred, dislike
and all the evil you throw in me
I could let them sink and die

Today, mine is as shallow as Jak Bay
All of the people’s trash located on me
Trying and trying to deal with it but
Java sea kept dirtier day by day
Getting stink, cannot sink a single thing

Or is it the Indian Ocean?
They’re deep and dangerous
Full of high waves in August and June and July
Dominated by the green ghosts for decades
Collecting those rip currents
that killed kids and teens in seconds

You may choose, I can pick
I wanna be as clean as Antarctica
But let me swim and complain
through the world’s dirty justice
which never follow the winds and gravity