Honestly, I was not following all the content as I played them while doing something. Perhaps I only listen for the last ten minutes but hope it will still be meaningful. I’ll write them a mix between bahasa and english.

how do you feel content?

Ada manusia yang akan merasa content ketika dia terus menerus bekerja dan menghasilkan uang. Ada yang merasa content ketika mengejar pendidikan. Ada juga yang terus mengejar karir agar merasa cukup. Tapi ada juga, yang akan merasa cukup jika hatinya diisi oleh Allah. Kata ‘accumulate’ di kata terakhir pada ayat tersebut adalah perbandingan antara God’s grace&mercy vs What You Accumulate (career, wealth, degrees, places, holiday, etc). Dan ada dua tipe manusia; fulfill dengan Allah, atau justru fulfill dengan whatever-they accumulate. Which one are you?

Karena kenyataannya, banyak orang yang jauh dari Allah tapi merasa senang karena sudah mengumpulkan kekayaan, sudah mendapat jabatan, dan sudah lain-lainnya yang membuat dia merasa ga butuh Allah lagi.

Perspective on God

Sering banget melihat orang kritis open minded yang mempertanyakan Allah. Kenapa sih Allah menyiksa manusia yang berdosa? Kenapa Allah membalas manusia di neraka? Kenapa Allah ngasih aturan yang ribet di Islam? 

Padahal coba buka Quran dikit mah, lebih banyakkkk lagi penjelasan mengenai God’s mercy daripada sifat-sifat Allah yang mereka tanyakan tadi. Hati-hati, Allah sesuai prasangka hambaNya. Kalau sering suuzon, maka itulah wajah Allah yang akan ditemui. Kalau kita selalu berpikir Allah akan menyiksa, maka itu wajah yang akan Allah tampakkan. Tapi kalau kita yakin Allah adalah Rahman dan Rahim, maka kasih sayang Allah-lah yang akan selalu Allah kasih buat kita.

How is it God’s Mercy?

Sometimes, people hid something vulnerable in them. All human being experienced some drama/hurt moments/and whatever in up and downs in life. They tend to hide it if it’s something vulnerable that makes them weak. Most times, we avoid explaining much to people because we know that people would not understand us. We experienced that no one in this world would get us (though you already have a spouse/family, this might happen). Nobody will look after you and care about you. That’s normal. That’s life. It hurts. But God’s mercy can fulfill that emptiness in your heart whenever you feel alone that no one would hear you. Even your darkest deepest secret you afraid to speak to anyone, He already understands it without you whispering it. He always gets you. Isn’t that beautiful? This is how He makes you feel content. If you depend on Him–the one that hears your darkest emotions and weakness, then you’ll feel the joy.

The Joy in Faith

Someone’s knowledge would not determine their faith in Allah and the relationship with Allah. When someone already studied 9999 Islamic books, heard 8888 ceramah, attending 7777 kajian, doesn’t mean that they have a strong and close relationship with Allah. And people who have not studied much on Islam, they perhaps the one that has the closest relationship with Him. Why?

Because it’s not about knowledge, it’s about the heart. And the heart is something which very fluctuative.

We’re all very busy collecting stuff: money, career, degrees, experiences, places in the world, or even your shoes, fancy clothes, films, music, we put them all in our heart. But we forget to collect God’s words that will actually fulfill and content our hearts to the fullest.

Let’s find healing in Allah’s words. Start a journey on that, find your own connection with Allah and collect Qur’an in your heart, so you’ll feel a tremendous joy no other can give you–even your wealth.

I can not deliver the messages well, you better watch it yourself.