Please let me have a mental breakdown post that might help me to continue this quarantine days happily.

I might an expert introvert but never thought that living alone going nowhere would be happy. No it’s not. Especially this work-from-home thing is crazy, I got lot of stuffs to do which is time limited. I envy you who could watch movies or cooking during ‘work from home’ cos I cant. I had lack of sleep last night and it cancelled my morning exercise, well i don’t want to be sick during this corona pandemic.

What makes this day worse, is not only about work-from-home thingy, but all the social media and negative news I read. All worst condition comes to my mind and I am so scared. It is added by my low-self-esteem that making me hate myself that much. So desperate fighting with myself then I bought a book titled ‘How to respect myself’ in order to make up mymind and stop blaming myself for everything.

Twitter and instagram is toxic. I need to stop but I am bored. What make this days heavy is I am on my period. My hormone might cruel and plus I cant pray. I miss crying at night and ask God to give me a big heart so I wont be easily sad.

Stupid shofia cant control her mind.

I promise after this day I’ll be happy. Don’t try to cheer me up. Life’s full of ups and downs, and its okay.

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