As you are

Not gonna share our remarkable memories or how we used to hurt each other
Sorry and thank you will always be a formal words to say good bye

Till now you’re the one that can break the highest wall I build
the wall i made to distance myself to the world–no one as brave as you

I know I was cold as fuck, yet you’re still there and knocking the door
My heart was stone and hard to cut, you’re the one who patiently break and soften it
-even you must face a hundred drama from me.

I always feels like the cruelest girl in the world when I’m with you
You’re so kind and the way you appreciate me, I’ll thank you so much
I don’t deserve them, I am the coldest girl on earth

So happy for your marriage, truly from my heart, no hard feeling at all I swear.

The last time we meet, I pray for you to find a girl that can fit you in all aspect of your life.
Hope it is answered now..

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