Can I have a day, or a week, or a lifetime, to stop being anyone’s savior and prioritize my own feelings and thoughts?
I’m deaf, I can’t even hear them by myself.
Is it that unimportant? My feelings and issues and thoughts? Is it really shouldn’t be heard?
Should I always be fine and if it’s not then I’m the loser?

Is anyone’s stuff always so necessary that mine is inappropriate to be seen?
Why is it always okay if things happen to me?
but it will always be a catastrophic problem if it happened to others?

Why is anyone’s feeling and tears are a super big deal when mine is not supposed to be felt?
Why is it always okay if people broke mine–like my heart is numbly and made by stone (ohh I do hope so)?
but if it’s about others feeling they should take care of it super-carefully?

Why do I always have to look at the bright side and suppress my own wants and needs (that I really lose it now and do not recognize them at all)?

Can I prioritize my issue without any interruption?